Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stocking Up Saturday

So the fridge is about empty, so I went to the store to use up all the October coupons because with the wedding, this will be my last trip until we get back from Mexico. I made sure the dairy products weren't expiring until much after we got back and went to Borders, Target, CVS, and Martin's.

Target was probably the best trip of the day stocking up on all kinds of things from cleaning products to cream cheese...
Brief Summary of the Deals at Target:
Total: $55.63
Philadelphia Cream Cheese: 4 @ .37 ea
Up&Up Household wipes: $.99
Betty Crocker cake mix and icing: 16 @ .75 ea
Kraft Individual String Cheese: 4 for FREE
GE Reveal light bulbs: 2 @ .59 ea
Kleenex Tissues: 3 @ 1.09 ea
Kraft Natural Shredded Mozzarella: 2 @ .67 ea

Next I hit up Martins to use up this month's Stonyfield coupons and to use my 4 $1 coupon doublers for the week Considering this trip was almost exclusively organic products and the cost before savings was 82.46, $42.86 was not bad!
Brief Summary of the Deals at Martins:
Newman's Own Pasta Sauce: 2 @ $1 ea
Hunt's 24oz Ketchup: 1 @ FREE
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest: 1 @ .25
Starkist Tuna Pouches: 4 @ .29
Dr. Oetker's Pizza: 4 @ 1.99 ea
Stonyfield Yogurt: 3 @ .27 ea
Stonyfield Organic Half Gallon Milk (used doubler): 1 @ 1.49
4 pack stonyfield yogurts (be healthy and probiotic): 2 @ .99 ea
Wholesome Agave Nectar (used doubler): 1 @ 2.29
Arrowhead Mills Corn Meal: 1 @ 1.69
Arrowhead Mills Whole Wheat Flour: 1 @ 1.99
Clif Bar: 1 @ .49
Clif Bar 6 pack (used doubler): 1 @ 1.79
Muir Glen Pizza Sauce: 2 @ .99 ea
Dagoba Chocolate (used doubler): 1 @ .49
Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk: 2 @ 2.59 ea

Then I stopped at CVS last and picked up a few things. I was disappointed that they are still out of the electric toothbrush from last week that I got a raincheck for, but hopefully it will come in soon. I did pick up 2 Schick Hydro 5 razors, a massaging Bengay Muscle stick, 2 bottles of Renu Sensitive contact solution, and found our FAVORITE freezy pops (Wyler's Italian Ice Pops--usually only at Walgreen's in the summer) on 75% off clearance for .49 ea!!!All in total, after ECB's I spent 2.93 for everything pictured.

The mini planner and screen protectors were given to me at border's for the teacher appreciation day so I will probably use those as prizes for my students. While I was there, I picked up a copy of Pioneer Woman Cooks at 25% with my discount and am really excited to use it when we get back from Mexico.

If you haven't been to Ree Drummond's Site, I'd suggest going over there, and for those of you (like me) who love cookbooks with pictures, she takes very artistic pictures of EACH STEP of her recipes. You can get a taste over at her blog, The Pioneer Woman.

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