Monday, November 22, 2010

Target 11/18, 11/20

Headed out to Target this week for some smoking deals. I made two trips, one Thursday and one Sunday because the Leapster sale didn't begin until Sunday. (This way I could go to Starbucks for the BOGO drinks twice as well too!!!)

On Thursday, I picked up 5 packages of the Nestle Cookie Dough. After the catalina didn't print at the first register, I tried another and it worked! So for $1.92 I got 5 packs which is not bad! I also picked up two boxes of stovetop for .04 each.

Sunday I went over again and got two more boxes of stovetop .04 each, two bags of Reese's for $1.16 each, 3 pairs of slipper socks for .67 each, two Leapster Tag books for FREE, two packs of Toy Story Uno for FREE. Then I went over to Hallmark and got a really nice candy dish for .97. All in all I'd say a good weekend. I still ahve to head back to target to get some more cookie dough and leapser tag books and check on those 40-hour airwick candles!

(in the picture I only have 2 of the stovetops and 3 of the cookie dough as some got eaten already!)

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