Monday, April 4, 2011

Try It Challenge 1: Greek Yogurt and Pastors

Try It Challenge: Week 1

Food Challenge: Greek Yogurt
This week's food challenge is to incorporate Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt was once hard to find but is now popping up left and right (even at our tiny walmart!) You can also make it yourself. Here is a video i show my students on how to make your own. This recipe in the video makes a greek yogurt ranch dip but you can customize to make any flavor you like.

Other Greek Yogurt Ideas:
-Fruit Dip (you can swirl in cinnamon if you like)
-Sauce for chicken or lamb (again spice as you wish, or turn into a sort of alfredo)
-Make salad dressing with GY instead of mayonnaise for a healthier, creamy alternative
-Stir in french onion mix and dip Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato tortilla chips in it (a personal favorite!)

Here are some links to coupons for different brands of Greek Yogurt:
Yoplait Greek or Here
Voskos Greek Yogurt (bricks coupon so get your printer ready!) or Here (
(If you have Kroger, there is a Kroger ecoupon here as well)
Marzetti Otria (smartsource so no back buttons, click the link two separate times to duplicate)

Coupons are also available regularly in the Sunday SmartSource inserts for Yoplait Greek and for Marzettis Otria

Spiritual Challenge: Pastors
This week make an extra effort to pray for pastors in your church.

This week I will pray for our pastors, elders, and deacons. We are just getting to know all the names and faces as we attend a pretty large church and just began attending there at the end of last year.


Don't forget to check out Clare's blog where the challenge started!!

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