Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back In Action

After a hiatus... I'm back!

My absence since my last post has been due to a crazy amount of change in my life. It's a lot at once, but God is so good. I graduated from school in Northereastern Pennsylvania in May, got a job at a counseling center a week after graduation, then accepted a full time teaching position in July, got engaged, found a new apartment in Virginia, finished up at the counseling center and set a wedding date for mid-October.

Needless to say between lesson-planning, visiting Brandon, my fiancee, who is still in Pennsylvania, and planning a wedding, I've been a little busy. But I knew I had to get back as my picture posts on Facebook have been stirring by curiosity and my colleagues amazement at my wedding planning on a budget had fueled many questions.

So I'm back, this time with frugal wedding planning tips as well as couponing. Here we go...

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