Monday, May 16, 2011

Martin's 5/13-5/16

Towards the end of the week, my husband and I went to 3 different Martin's stores and bought some more Hallmark cards for the buy 3, get $5 deal.
Our first transaction we spent 2.80 then we kept rolling over our $5 coupons to lots of 6 cards and ended up with 18 $5 coupons ( I gave one away). In total, we spent $10.18 on 75 Hallmark cards (we did not clear off any shelves, although I know several people who arrived to find out that their Martin's/Giant had moved all the .99 cards to the back.

Before we headed out for the weekend at my in-laws my husband used 4 of the $5 off coupons to get us 2 bolthouses, a bag of trail mix, some chocolate covered almonds, and some chocolate covered raisins and a case of lipton green teas, spending $1.23 OOP. We drank the bolthouses in the car and the chocolate almonds didn't make it too far either.

At the in-laws I made a quick trip to target and snagged the following a net of .60 after using my $5 giftcard from the hairdye. (spent 3.97 OOP and have 3.37 left on giftcard)

I also swung into Wegmans (which I miss so much) and got the 12pack of Annies mac and cheese for $10.74 (usually I'll settle for $1 or less as a good price on this since we use so much)

Then today, I went to spend my 11 of my $5 coupons at Martins while my husband tutored. I got all of the following (the tea and cards and trailmix from Friday are pictured as well) The total value of everything pictured (plus the things that got eaten :) is 188.64
(4 boxes of Kelloggs's, 2 Kraft homestyle macncheese, san georgio pasta, 2 bags kettle chips, 2 bags food should taste good sweet potato chips, 3 stonyfield yogurts, potato hamburger rolls, arnold bread, knudsen juice, organic broccoli, organic frozen edamame, organic celery, organic apples, organic carrots, 10 natures promise frozen beef patties, applegate farms uncured hotdogs, 2 packs orbit, nature's promise provolone pork sausages)

We paid 12.74!!! Once we factored in the money spent OOP on cards and on Friday, the grand total was 24.09 for a savings of 87%!!!

I used one of the 2 remaining $5 off's to get ribeyes for my birthday dinner this week. And I have 1 $5 left.

Needless to say, we are set on cards for awhile :) (which is good because I usually forget to buy them!)

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