Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ultimate Blog Bash 2011

Courtney @WomenLivingWell who will be speaking at the Relevant Conference in Harrisburg, PA this weekend is hosting a Blog Bash over the next 4 days during Relevant. Today is the first day...

from courtney:
"Here’s how it works:

For 4 days straight, my blog is one HUGE link-up party! I LOVE a party and meeting new people!

First, write a blog post telling us about yourself – show a picture of your desk where you blog from, what your view is like out your window, your family, your pets, your inspiration behind your blog, or where you have your quiet time! Then link up under all the categories that apply to your blog and visit a few of the others who linked up! You can find the code to the Button on the side bar – please include the Blog Bash Button in your post so others can find us here and join the fun!"

So here I go...

I'm a teacher in Northern Virginia. I blog intermittently (when I'm not bogged down by grading, conferences, and testing) about faith, running, frugality, and cooking. I love the Lord, love to bake, and love extreme couponing. Taking photos of my recent deals is a favorite of mine.

Like I said I'm a teacher and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences Education (formerly Home Ec) so I have courses like Nutrition and Wellness, Intro to Culinary Arts, Intro to Child Care, and Independent Living. I am encourgaed to be able to teach homemaking skills to high schoolers in a public school, while it does have it's challenges, I have the potential to make a big impact. While I struggle to have to "keep my bible hidden"as it says in the new Brandon Heath song, I find that God still provides me ways to reach out in faith to my students. Being my husband's helper in running our youth group at church (where many of the students go to my school) has been a great opportunity for this.

I just had my 1 year wedding anniversary to my amazing husband, Brandon. He recently finished his bachelor's and is now in full time ministry as an associate pastor. So now I'm a pastor's wife, which is never a place I'd ever have imagined to be, but one that the Lord has led us to, and blessed us in.

Here is a picture of my desk at school from which I blog from sometimes before or after school if the inspiration strikes. I also sometimes blog from my desk at home, which is.... in our dining room. We moved the office out of the spare bedroom of our top floor apartment when my parents gave us a bed to use in there. It's a little crazy in there and most often I take the laptop and curl up on the couch in our living room to blog with a nice coffee drink.


  1. I have a friend who taught FACS in the greater DC area a few years ago {she lives near me in Indiana now}. Fun to "meet" you through the Blog Bash!

  2. I'm visiting from the birthday bash at WWL; nice to "meet" you! I share your interests in frugal living and spending time in the kitchen too. :-)