Sunday, April 17, 2011

Try It Challenge 3:

Try It Challenge: Week 3

This weeks challenge is: Green Tea!

It's funny that Clare picked this. When I was student teaching I tried to cut out coffee (mostly because of how easily my teeth stain because of it) and had read that green tea can help you lose weight so I brought two cups with me in my coffee thermos and drank it in place of coffee.

I like my green tea with just a bit of honey (we love honey at our house!)

My favorite type of green tea?
Honestly, the type they have a Chinese restaurants, some of my favorite restaurants have small packages you can buy inexpensively at their front counter.

The spiritual challenge this week: Prayer Plank

Sneaky Clare mixing nutrition, fitness, and prayer into one challenge!

I don't know that I'll be able to try this this week as I'm hardly fitting in my 10k training routines but I definitely will keep this in mind for cool summer mornings out in the backyard!


Don't forget to check out Clare's blog where the challenge started!!

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