Sunday, April 24, 2011

Try It Challenge 4:

Try It Challenge: Week 4

The Try-It food this week is: Avocados!
I still have Wholly Guacamole in my freezer from the $4/1 coupons a few months ago. I took some of this out and added it on our super-burgers this week (we like to add strange and wild amount of toppings to our burgers!) I made Prime Veggie Burgers with cheese, turkey bacon, spinach, onion, and guac (in place of mayo or sour cream). Delicious!!!

I also plan on trying Clare's black bean dip later this week if I can get this avocade from Aldi to ripen already!

Spiritual Challenge: Pray Scripture
In the youth group I attended at home, we always began prayer with scripture.
We used Psalm 62:1
"Only in God is my soul at rest, in him comes my salvation"

Honestly, sometimes this alone was my prayer. In times of despair or trouble, this has calmed many tears and cast off many worries of this world.

Really any of the Psalm (many of which you will find hymns or songs of including a song I love using psalms 52 and 61) makes a great prayer.


Don't forget to check out Clare's blog where the challenge started!!

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