Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boomerang Faith

Have you ever read the book of judges? If the book of judges were a madlib it would look something like this:

The Israelites did evil in the sight of the Lord. The Lord's anger was stirred up against Israel, so he let them be sold into the hands of _______________ (city). But then the Israelites cried out to the Lord, and he delivered them by appointing ________ (first name) as a judge over Israel. They had peace for ____ (number) years. Repeat several times.

The story of Israel resembles a boomerang, the Israelites stray, the fall onto hard times because of their sin, then beg for God to save them, and every time, He does.

When you look at your relationship with God does it look like a boomerang? Sometimes it certainly seems like it. Sometimes it is okay if it looks like this. Often times, we can handle one sinful or prideful aspect of our lives to be pointed out at once, God exposes our sin, we seek repentance and we go on until the next thing is revealed to us. This can be a good thing, if someone revealed to us every character flaw we had the second we met them, we would feel overwhelmed, hurt, and might not even want to be friends with that person, but if a friend in love shares one thing we're falling short it, it is easier to take.

Now this does not apply to habitual sin. If you are repeating the same sin over and over and seeking forgiveness, you need to search deep and change your heart, because it is a heart issue that makes it hard to change. If you are living in sin, you need to recognize that sin and run int he opposite direction. Be aware of fellow Christians who want to rebuke you in love, they are trying to help, even if it hurts to hear it. I saw a quote on the wall of the Christian donation-only gym the other day that said "The punishment of sin is when we become numb to sin so that we do not realize we are in it."

If it seems like God has been constantly revealing new sins to you, congratulations, you are in good company and that means you are growing as a child of God. If you are struggling with habitual sin then I pray that you will seek repentance and have a change of heart.


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