Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie Review Wednesday: Food Matters

Premise: "With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting sicker. Food Matters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide 'sickness industry' and gives people some scientifically verifiable solutions for overcoming illness naturally." [from]

Most Shocking: One man went from morbidly obese to a healthy weight in 18 months from a raw diet and actually drinking enough water. One man in the video actually said that sometimes there are too many toxins in the body that it is bad to flush them out through the skin during exercise, it is better to purge them as waste. The man on the diet had over 10 bowel movements per day.

Most Interesting: The premise of the movie is intriguing especially being that when I teach vitamins to my Nutrition students, we talk about toxicity and not taking too much and this movie shared some statistics such as the amount of deaths linked to Niacin toxicity is less than 1 for the past 10 years! Makes me want to research vitamins more and show this film to my students.

Favorite: My favorite part was to see that there were parallels between this movie and last week's review: Food Inc. They in this movie stressed how unnutritionally rich our food has become with GMO's, the prevention of seed saving, insecticides, and herbicides.

Least Favorite: I'm not sure I agree on one point where they say weight loss is more important to flush out through waste than to exercise toxins out of the skin. I think exercise is crucial and it makes the difference on whether are bodies are strong enough to fight nasty viruses, and toxins, food cannot do it alone.

Lesson Learned: I'm defineitly oging to be looking into vitamins. We got a great deal on some at target last week so we are stocked up, now I just need to research the ones we've gotten (mutli for him, multi for her, fish oil, and D)

Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments section.


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