Thursday, March 24, 2011

Radish Sprouts

Second Installment of Thursdays in the Garden

After a week of watering the seeds lightly daily and the plants 2-3 times a week more deeply, I am proud to say I have some radish sprouts! I had to uncover a few that were a little too deep (my first time, I didn't want them to be too close to the top of the soil!) And I proudly have 62 of 64 radishes sprouted.

Wow when I thought about that, that's A LOT of radishes. BUT we are saving for a juicer so hopefully by the time they are sprouted Brandon will go to town juicing some into health juice for us to down!

Here are some more pictures from this week (I feel like a proud new momma!)

This week they are forecasting frost overnight. I know there is a good chance my tomotoes will die but next week I will update you on the results!

Till next week! (pun intended)

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