Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surviving the Frost

Well, it was a rough week in the garden. Here were the temperatures for our town:

Low's last week:
Thurs: 36°
Fri: 31°
Sat: 28°
Sun: 30°
Mon: 28°
Tues: 31°
Wed: 34° (with snow slush predicted, but only rain came!)
We researched and found that newspapers or sheets insulate well and to thoroughly soak the soil before dark (I guess evaporating water creates heat). So I water and covered with newspapers and old sheets.

Most of it survivived. Romaine looks good, radish sprouts are still growing strong. The cauliflower looks a little worse for wear. Two tomato plants are wiped out, one is still barely holding on (below)
Lesson: make sure to wait until after the last frost to plant your garden!


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