Monday, July 11, 2011

Distraction or Tool

Today's topic in the Media Monday series is:
Media and Our Walk with God

As I sit down to write about Media concerning my walk with God, I think about this morning, similar to other mornings. Since it's summer, it begins waking up to my amazing husband. We chat about what we want to do that day while he reads through the news on his smartphone (we don't have cable). Then we eat breakfast media-free. My husband retreats to the couch to read his study Bible and as long as I don't get distracted by facebook, blogging, or couponing, the first thing I do is hop onto to spend time in the Word according to the Bible reading plan I'm going through right now. Sometimes I do this in bed on my Blackberry if I wake up first. Then I blog (some days), sign up for any new freebies, print new coupons, read a few blogs, and then start my real day. I usually don't go on facebook on the computer.

For the rest of the day my media intake includes facebook alerts on my phone, googling almost everything I don't have an answer to or are curious about, texting friends and family, sometimes calling, and accessing Our Daily Bread online.

And this kind of day, I'd say is enhanced by media. There are so many good tools online for furthering your walk with God (and many that can take you away from God, more on that in coming weeks). As long as I don't get distracted by these websites, or other things, and I'm not
ignorning the people I'm face to face with while I chat virtually with others via facebook and texting, I'd say it's pretty easy for me to not be distracted by media.

These are some sites that help me strengthen my walk with God:
YouVersion (100's of reading plans, also syncs to your smartphone bible app)
Proverbs 31 Ministries (devotions)
Women Living Well (Courtney-the host of this series)
Bible Study Tools
Money Saving Mom
Google Books (reading Lee Strobel and others authors books online)


What websites have helped you in your walk with God??

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